Bruch's Fish


Photo shows sample of NRP- OM replica- $12.50 per inch,
This also includes paired fins (not shown)

Replica Information & Pricing

My replicas are made using gel coat and urethane and molded directly from actual specimens.

Foam Replicas Information

  • Replica fish sold foamed
  • The flashing is trimmed away and the body is foamed with the head fitted, but not attached
  • $8 per inch on closed or barely open mouth
  • $9 per inch for open mouth blanks
  • Unfortunately not all castings can be sold foamed. Those marked with an * can only be sold NRTP

Nearly Ready to Paint (NRTP) Replicas

  • NRTP blanks have finished  seams and everything attached except for paired fins
  • Arrives primed white
  • $15 per inch on closed or barely opened mouth
  • $17 per inch on open mouth
  • $18 per inch on open mouth with gills

Shipping & Delivery

  • Shipping is additional
  • 50% deposit is due when placing an order with a balance and shipping is collected before the item ships
  • Some photos are available in the Gallery, or ask for pictures.
  • Return time will vary but normally expect 4-8 weeks on foamed and 8-12 weeks on NRTP.