Bruch's Fish


Do you have an interest in improving or learning specific techniques relating to fish taxidermy or replicas?

I can help with a Zoom seminar covering a specific topic tailored to you, or you can join a group seminar held semi-annually. All you need is a reliable internet connection.

Individual Zoom Seminar

  • Tailored to you specifically
  • Held at your convenience
  • Ability to communicate with me throughout the entire seminar (unmuted)
  • May record Zoom content if desired
  • $175 per 8 hour day

In-Person One-on-One Seminar

  • Now offering an in-person one-on-one seminar.
  • $375 for 8 hours of instruction

Some Examples of Topics Covered:

  • Molding/Casting
  • Carving Foam Bodies
  • Skinning and Mounting
  • Eye Painting and Setting
  • Finish Work/Apoxie
  • Painting